Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How I does it

How I does it.
1-Thumbnails. First of all I workout the thumbnails on A5. I don't do a script. With Ronin Dogs I make it up as I go, so I do about 15 pages of thumbnails at a time rather than scripting it all. I might write down bits of dialogue/jokes so I don't forget though. My thumbnails are pretty scrappy and loose (Like me) but they do the job for me. I mainly just wanna get the layout, angle and dialogue right.

2-Pencils. Once I've got the thumbnails down I move onto penciling pages. This is my favourite part of the whole process. I work on A4 at the moment. I find it quicker and I don't really have too many problems working at this size. I'll probably go A3 at some point in the future but right now it suits me fine. As you can see I've changed the dialogue from the thumbnails. I do this quite a lot and still change dialogue even at the last minute. I use a clicky mechanical pencil with a HB lead. I'm currently pushing myself to work on the pencil stage more. Getting the lines really tight and clean. It's important to get things right at this stage. They're still kinda loose though.

3-Inks. So, I've got the pencils done so now I move onto inks. I use a cheap and readily available fine line pen (0.2). I used to use a 0.1 but I find having it slightly thicker gives me a bit more flexibility to to make thick and thin lines. Rather than using a thicker fine line to do thicker lines I just go over the line a few times to thicken it up. I use a Sharpie to fill in the blacks. Simple! I don't like all the fancy stuff. Keep it simple is how I like it. Once I've inked I scan it into my Mac. I whack it into Illustrator to make the lines into Vectors. I find it makes the lines really crisp. Then I put it into Photoshop and tidy up lines.

4-Tones. Next I add the tone. This helps to give depth to the art. I constantly trying to make this stage simpler. I don't really like working on a computer that much. I'd much rather do everything by hand but I like how it looks at the end so I just do it. I have a graphics tablet that I use to speed things up. They're pretty cheap these days. Mine isn't a particularly expensive model but it works a treat. Makes things much quicker. I usually use 2/3 tones one the pages. At some point I'll do some full colour comics but right now I don't feel I have enough time to dedicate to it. I'm working on it though and at some point I reckon it'll happen.

So there ya go. Once this stage is finished it goes off to the printers gets made into a nice little book. I keep everything as simple as I can but I might have left something out. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks bye!

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Luther Taylor said...

copy and paste into deviant dude! can't seeeeeeee~
..i think you may have already though...